Oklahoma State Bancshares Inc. Merger

Oklahoma State Bank and Lakeside State Bank are now part of RCB Bank.

Merger Information:

What can you tell me about the merger?

This merger joins Oklahoma State Bancshares Inc., and it’s subsidiary banks, Oklahoma State Bank and Lakeside State Bank, and RCB Bank to provide full financial services opportunities in 37 communities ranging from Oklahoma to Kansas, creating one leading provider of retail and commercial banking services.

Who is RCB Bank?

RCB Bank was established in Claremore, Oklahoma, and first opened its doors for business on Saturday, January 4, 1936, at 9:00 a.m. It was known then as Rogers County Bank and consisted of one branch.

The bank began as an entrepreneurship with L.S. Robson and George Davis during the days of the Great Depression. From day one in the lean times of the Great Depression, the Bank worked to become a strong and reliable financial institution within the community and those efforts quickly resulted in growth of the company.

The Bank ended the first year with a profit, a feat the Bank has repeated every year since.

In 1990, Rogers County Bank’s name was changed to RCB Bank due to its expansion outside of Rogers County and into surrounding counties.

Since the first acquisition in 1990, additional branches have been acquired or built to expand our footprint across Oklahoma and into Kansas.

RCB Bank strives to be recognized as a leader in customer service, a leader in cutting-edge banking technology and a leader within the communities we serve.

The purpose of RCB Bank is to meet the financial needs of our communities, its businesses and its customers. At the same time, RCB Bank is a responsible citizen and a business leader within the communities we serve.

Our motto, “That’s my bank!” was officially adopted as the Bank’s slogan in the 1970’s, along with the defining characteristics of our company: RCB stands for Relationships, Community and Boldness!

Relationships: Customer Service is our mission. At RCB Bank, we don’t just provide a service for our customers – we build relationships. We are ethical, trustworthy and sincere. We know our customers by name and they know us by ours!

Community: RCB Bank is a community bank. We don’t just sponsor an event, we participate. We are sensitive to the needs of our communities and we respond accordingly.

Boldness: RCB Bank is a bold bank! We embrace technology; employees are empowered and customers are rewarded. We are proud of the service we provide and the legacy we carry

Join the Excitement

Oklahoma State Bank and Lakeside State Bank are officially acquired by RCB Bank.

Please continue banking as usual, including using your checks, as there is no change to the way you use your accounts. There is no change to your automatic payments and direct deposits at this time. Continue to access your online banking through each Bank’s respective website – Oklahoma State Bank (okstate.bank) and Lakeside State Bank (lakesidebankok.com).