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Get started by signing up for eStatements through your online banking account or the RCB Bank Mobile Banking app. Review the full details on how to maximize your account benefits.

Log in to your Online Banking to access your eStatements.

Sign in to your Online Banking or Mobile Banking App to access your eStatements.

  • Click on the eDocuments tab (eStatements tab name has changed).
  • New and historical eStatements can be found in the eDocuments tab.
  • Each month you will receive an email when new eStatements are available.

What's new?

  • Access to eDocuments can be given to Additional Recipients, such as joint owners, accountants and bookkeepers, etc.
    • It is important to note: Only one user may initially sign up for eDocuments per account through Online Banking. The initial user must then setup Additional Recipients to give them the ability to view the documents. See Additional Recipients guide for details.
    • Example: A couple has a joint account. One account owner must initially sign up for eDocuments, then add the other account owner as an Additional Recipient for him/her to receive eDocuments access.
  • Coming soon are account notices that will show in the eDocuments tab.
    • Options include: CD renewal notices, overdraft notices, past due notices, rate change notices and more!
  • Check out our guide below for details on how to enroll.

eDocuments Frequently Asked Questions:

The primary user has the access to view eDocuments. Any additional users needing access can receive eDocuments electronically by having the primary user set up additional recipients. See guide for details. We apologize for the inconvenience. This change is due to a software limitation.

An email notification will be sent to your email address associated with your Online Banking. The email subject line will read, “eStatement (Security Phrase).” For new eStatement users, the Security Phrase will be set by the user. For a time, the email subject line read, “Enhanced Statement (Security Phrase)” and has since changed.

You may either log in to Online Banking and click on the eDocuments tab for access to your eStatements or log in to the PDF attachment within the email notification using your Online Banking credentials (login information). The PDF only gives access to your eStatement for that cycle.

Additional recipients must use the PDF attachment for access to eStatements. See guide for details on adding additional recipients. The PDF attachment cannot be accessed on a mobile device.

This happens when the primary user on the account has already signed up for eDocuments. You would need contact the primary user and request to be setup as an Additional Recipient. See guide for details.

eStatements older than December 7, 2018, will be available in the eDocuments tab within Online Banking in the first quarter of 2019 for customers previously enrolled in eStatements before December 7, 2018. If you are needing a previous statement immediately, please contact our Customer Service Center at 855-226-5722.

You will be able to see your statements as far back as 18 months beginning in late December 2018.

Only one user can sign up for eDocuments, any additional users needing access can receive eDocuments electronically by having the primary user set up additional recipients. This can be used for accountants, office managers as well as joint owners. See guide for details.

Additional recipients must sign in on a computer to view eDocuments.

First, verify that their email address is correct in the Additional Recipients section in Online Banking. Then verify that there were documents assigned to them. If they are still unable to receive the document, please contact our Customer Service Center for further assistance at 855-226-5722.

Additional recipients must sign in on a computer to view eDocuments.

Yes, this will update your email address in Online Banking and with RCB Bank.

If you already had eStatements as of December 9, 2018, you do not need to re-enroll. If more than one person was signed up for eStatements for a particular account, only one user will be set up for eDocuments and will have to set up the others as Additional Recipients.

If you are new to eDocuments, see the First Time User instructions guide.

Once you have enrolled in eDocuments, it can approximately take up to 2 business days.

You would need to contact Customer Support to help you un-enroll at 855-226-5722.

Once the change has been processed, it can take up to 2 business day, to revert all statements to paper. Please keep in mind that this could affect your rewards if you have rewards checking and there could be some fees that will apply.

Contact our Customer Service Center at 855-226-5722.

We will notify you by email when an eDocument is posted to your Online Banking account. This will happen at the same time you would normally receive a paper statement, or notice. When the notification arrives in your email box:

  • Log into Online Banking via RCBbank.com or Mobile Banking App.
  • Your eDocument will be available through the eDocuments link.
  • You can then save a PDF version of your eDocument on your hard drive or print it out. Copies of eDocuments will be kept for a rolling 18 months.

Once you have signed up for Online Banking, you can access the eDocuments in either Online or Mobile Banking. eDocuments is available for both personal and business customers.

Yes, a printed version of an online statement/notice is the same as a paper statement/notice.

If you receive your images of your canceled checks today, you will also receive them in your eDocuments.

  • When you enroll for eDocuments, we will stop sending the paper copies of these documents. You may change your mind at any time and resume receiving paper copies by calling our Customer Service Center at 855-226-5722.
  • Un-enrolling for eDocuments could however, affect your rewards if you have Rewards Checking and some fees could apply.

eDocuments are posted within Online Banking and Mobile Banking in PDF format. In order to view PDF documents, you may need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader.

First, log into Online Banking.
Click on the eDocuments tab.
Next, click on “Email Settings.”
The Security Phrase can be changed by updating the second field on that page.

Contact our Customer Support for assistance by calling 855-226-5722.

Yes, you can access your eDocuments using your Mobile Banking App.

The eStatement PDF attachment sent in the email notification cannot be accessed on a mobile device.

Instructional Guides

If you are a first time user or looking to add more recipients to receive your eStatements, please click on one of the buttons below for access to our guides.

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