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Every investment strategy is unique. We offer solutions tailored to your unique needs, goals and limitations.

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  • Conservative, long-term growth investors
  • One-on-one relationships
  • No hidden fees
  • Your goals are our priority
  • Efficient multi-class portfolios

What we can do for you:

  • Financial Planning
  • Wealth Management for individuals and business
  • 401(k) rollovers
  • Retirement planning and IRA management

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Our Philosophy:

RCB Bank Trust and its predecessors have been managing assets for over 50 years. With locations in Oklahoma and Kansas, RCB Bank Trust manages investment portfolios for individuals and institutions throughout the Midwest. Our clients include non-profit organizations, business owners, senior executives, retirees, professionals and families with inherited wealth.

At our core, we are conservative, long-term investors. We won’t try to time the market or overreact to headlines and short-term volatility. We will develop a portfolio unique to each client and then manage it based on communication, sound fundamentals and prudence.

A key component of our process centers on constructing efficient and optimal multi-class investment portfolios. The process of building an efficient portfolio involves the analysis of historical returns, risk and correlations of a broad spectrum of asset classes, as well as forward-looking economic and investment market projections. However, the appropriate asset allocation for an investor also requires an understanding of the unique circumstances that apply to each client. The end result is an optimal portfolio designed to achieve specific investment goals.

Our investment process is research-intensive and features broad sector and asset class representation with a goal of being fully invested. We believe the markets are largely efficient over a long-term time horizon. However, the markets can exhibit short-term inefficiencies. We use a discipline that focuses investment decisions on long-term expectations while making adjustments that can exploit these short-term inefficiencies.

Finally, as a fee-only trust organization, RCB Bank Trust has no bias toward any investment product or security. This allows us the freedom to be totally objective in our investment recommendations.

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